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AmiBench Terms & Conditions

AmiBench is the division of AmigaKit Ltd managing, servicing and maintaining the AmiBench websites and apps.

User is any person that accesses or uses the AmiBench websites or apps.

Service is the websites or apps that AmiBench provides to enable Users to access and/or use browsing, messaging, buyer and selling services.

Buyer is the person or entity that purchases a product or service using the Service.

Seller is the person or entity that uses the Service to advertise or sell a product or service.

Parties are the Buyer and Seller relating to a specific transaction.

Nickname is the unique account name chosen by the User. It is displayed on the Service accompanying profile information, sales or wanted listings.

Terms and Conditions

AmiBench provides a Service that introduces a Buyer to a Seller (the Parties). AmiBench is not a retailer or supplier. Any transactions that take place between the Parties are conducted at the Parties own risk. Parties must agree that AmiBench is not contractually liable for any transaction between the Parties, either agreed or executed.

Although AmiBench makes best endeavours to monitor and remove fraudulent Listings and Users, checks cannot be absolute in verifying accuracy of information advertised on AmiBench.

Use of the Service is granted on the condition that the User indemnifies AmiBench against any loss caused by using and/or accessing the Service.

AmiBench does not either guarantee or provide any warranty for any item advertised through the Service. If a warranty is offered, it is the sole responsibility of the Seller to discharge that warranty for the duration advertised.

By using the Service for either buying or selling, the User agrees that some personal information will be displayed to other users who access the Service. Users agree that some personal information will be used for security purposes of safe guarding the Service.

The unique Nickname chosen by a User must not infringe any trademark. The Nickname must not mislead other Users to falsely believe that the User is connected or affliated in any way with a similar well known company or organisation. The Nickname should not contain, or provide the suggestion, of any offensive words.

AmiBench reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions periodically and publish the updated document on the AmiBench website.

Use of the Service constitutes agreement with these Terms and Conditions in full.
Copyright © 1997 - 2022 Amibench, a division of AmigaKit Ltd. All rights reserved.
The AmiBench Logo, AmiBench and "AmiBench - Its Here!" are trade marks of AmigaKit Ltd.